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The Free AIMMS Academic License is an unrestricted AIMMS Developer license for academic people (students, teachers, professors, and researchers) to use AIMMS at no charge. If you are an academic person, you can use our modeling environment with its friendly IDE and all the extensive capabilities for model diagnostics, solver tuning, data connectivity, web application building and visualization, advanced algorithmic capabilities, data and case management features, and more.

Unrestricted world-class solvers included

Even better, the Free AIMMS Academic License includes unrestricted world-class solvers with no extra installation required, and at no charge. This means you can solve almost any problem and do comparative analysis to see which solver works best for your models using: CPLEX, CP Optimizer, CONOPT, ODH-CPLEX, MINOS, SNOPT, AOA, PATH, CBC and IPOPT. For GUROBI, we have a link available, so you can connect your own GUROBI license with AIMMS. To incorporate data uncertainty in your models, we include the add-on for Robust Optimization, together with the currently included options for Scenario Analysis and Stochastic Programming.


You are eligible for a Free AIMMS Academic License if you either have an email address of an approved academic institution, or if you have received an authorization code for an academic course in which AIMMS is used for course-specific assignments.

You can request your license through the registration form below. Once you have registered, you will receive license details and download instructions, as illustrated in the run through of the entire registration and installation process.



Privacy Statement

This form collects the personal data provided above so that we can process your request and send other insights in accordance with our privacy policy. The license service requires your email address for sending confirmation, activation and extension emails, as well as notifying you of potential misuse of our service. For detection of potential misuse of the service, we register all AIMMS sessions using the AIMMS license service. Read our privacy statement for the full story on how AIMMS respects your privacy and will use this data to communicate with you!

Eligibility and use conditions for the AIMMS Academic License

  • The Free AIMMS Academic License is only available for academics (i.e. students, teachers, professors, researchers of institutions for higher education).
  • The AIMMS Academic License is not available to citizens of a E.U. or U.S. embargoed country or when used in violation of any E.U. or U.S. export law or regulation
  • AIMMS shall have no liability or obligation arising from or with respect to use of the AIMMS Academic License.
  • The Free AIMMS Academic License may not be used for any commercial purposes or paid services; it is restricted to academic use only.
  • The Free AIMMS Academic License will be valid for a period of 6 months, and will be automatically updated to be valid to a period of 6 months following every use, up until a total period of 2 years. If the Academic License has been requested using an Authorization Code, the license can be used up until a maximum period of 1 year.
  • The AIMMS Academic License can only be used when connected to the internet and on a regular desktop/laptop using Windows OS.
  • AIMMS will collect usage statistics of all issued AIMMS Academic Licenses.
  • To use the BARON and the KNITRO solver, you should use the alternative Paid AIMMS Academic License options.
  • The AIMMS Academic License allows the usage of all Feature Releases and bugfixes of AIMMS that are available for download.
  • The AIMMS WebUI uses the HighCharts Charting Library, which is provided for free in the AIMMS Academic License by courtesy of HighCharts.
  • AIMMS reserves the right to terminate an issued AIMMS Academic License and/or change the AIMMS Academic License offering without notice at any time.
  • AIMMS reserves the right to send you relevant product news to help you make the best use of the AIMMS Academic License. This includes information about new features and support resources.
  • AIMMS reserves the rights to adjust the license terms and conditions of the AIMMS Academic License at any time. No rights can be obtained from previous granted rights.
  • The AIMMS Academic License is subject to the AIMMS standard terms and conditions.